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“It’s not a war, it’s not a battlefield, it’s a massacre”

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At least 1,230+ Israelis were killed (14 casualties from Maglan Special Forces)

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Hamas fired over 8,000+ rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel within a span of 20 minutes


Simultaneously, around 4,000 Palestinian militants infiltrated Israel from Gaza using trucks, pickup trucks, motorcycles, bulldozers, speedboats and paragliders

The Entire Jewish
Community is United.

Donate to the Maglan soldiers, an essential IDF unit.

Maglan special forces is taking a significant part in this war as it always
has done, since its establishment in 1986:
In the 2006 Second Lebanon war (received the medal of honor),
Second Intifada, Operation Protective Edge in 2014 and more.

Medal of Honor 2006

Awarded by the General Commander of Central Command for its endeavours in the Lebanon War II .

Chief of the General Staff of the IDF Special Award 2011

For the units special operations on all fronts.

Medal of Honor 2014

For the unit’s operations and special mission throughout Operation Protective Edge.

Timing Is Everything.

We need your support now.

Due to the surprising nature and magnitude of the recent attack on Israel, the soldiers are in urgent need for life saving equipment, support for defense and recovery needs.  The foundation’s team is gathering funds to provide immediate support to our soldiers and team throughout this challenging period.

How it started?

The Friends of Maglan Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2006 by Commando Unit veterans. Operating with 1,500 members across 6 pillars of support (volunteering, academy, mental support, donations, community events, and more) to active and reserve soldiers, as well as over 10,000 unit alumni.

Business Partners and Supporters
of the Friends of the Maglan Foundation

Business Partners and Supporters of the Friends of the Maglan Association

Eitan Fono


The impact of your donation

The foundation CEO, is Eitan Fono, a business leader with over twenty years of experience and a former Maglan unit fighter. Alongside him, a committed team of over 1,000 volunteers works tirelessly, ensuring the continuous provision of support to our soldiers in the frontline, around the clock, 24/7.

“Our mission bridges the critical gap between the military and the international civilian demand and supply required during times of conflict.”

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When you support our soldiers, you help foster a spirit of giving that lasts a lifetime. Your donations directly benefit the unit’s personnel, reserves, and soldiers on duty, making a tangible impact on the front lines. With your continued support, we can keep fighting for our community and our nation.


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