About Operation Iron Sword and Maglan Association

On October 7th, Israel awoke to the distressing sound of war sirens. Over a thousand terrorists breached the Gaza border, invading Jewish and Israeli homes on the Simchat Torah holiday, mercilessly taking lives.

Our forces are heading into battle, yet they lack crucial combat gear that could protect and empower them in their time of need.

The Friends of Maglan (Yedidei Maglan) Association is a non-profit established in 2006 by the unit’s commanders and veteran fighters. It is an umbrella organization and an essential support network for thousands of Maglan Unit graduates, active fighters and reserve soldiers

The Maglan Commando non-profit organization is striving to gather funds to aid our soldiers throughout this challenging period. We are led by Eitan Fono, a seasoned business executive with over 20 years of experience.

Friends of Maglan is a registered 501(c) organization and all donations made are tax deductible in Israel, the US and UK, Canada, Australia, and France.

Donations for the Emergency Equipment Fund

Business Partners and Supporters of the Friends of the Maglan Association
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Recent events and activities

Networking Series for Unit Veterans

As part of the “Bird Bar” program, every few months the association holds exclusive lectures for the graduates of the unit, on diverse topics delivered by well-known and respected personalities in Israeli society.

In addition to the lecture, the series helps to create connections and the development of opportunities between the graduates of the unit.

What is the Maglan Unit

The Maglan unit (212) is a commando unit whose mission is to operate deep in enemy territory while focusing on attacking and destroying specific targets and gathering accurate intelligence. Maglan was established in June 1986 as an elite unit specializing in anti-tank warfare using advanced weapons. It is a part of the Commando Brigade.

The unit also has an advanced weapons development division whose mission is to find creative solutions and technological innovations in accordance with the operational needs and the classified activities of the unit. (Source: IDF Brigades)

Friends of Maglan Association: Our Vision

Preserving the spirit of service and giving among the Maglan unit’s graduates, with the purpose of integrating them into Israeli society including business, public and social leadership of the present and future.

Friends of Maglan Association : Our Mission of Excellence

The association was established out of a desire to promote the military and civic excellence of the Magalan unit’s soldiers and veterans through holistic support, from pre-enlistment, through service in the unit and to the transition into civilian activities. The association also works to support bereaved families and citizens of the State of Israel.

The goals of the association:

  •       Improve the conditions of service of Magellan Unit soldiers
  •       Commemorate the fallen and to adopt the bereaved families and wounded members of the unit.
  •       Preserve and nurture the unit’s heritage.
  •       Assist soldiers and their families in case of disaster, illness, disability, death or any other difficult case.
  •       Foster and encourage civic excellence and contribution to the community.

About Operation Iron Sword

On October 7th, Israel awoke to the distressing sound of war sirens. Over a thousand terrorists breached the Gaza border, invading Jewish and Israeli homes on the Simchat Torah holiday, mercilessly taking lives. In addition, they targeted a weekend music festival gathering attended by thousands, turning it into a heart-wrenching massacre. Victims of all ages—women, children, babies, and the elderly—were ruthlessly executed simply for being Jewish.

Hamas’s onslaught has claimed the lives of over 1,300 people, leaving more than 2,600 injured and holding more than 130 others captive. These are challenging times, a moment for all of us to stand together and emerge victorious from this harrowing situation.

The country stands united in defense, and a new sense of solidarity has invigorated the home front. However, we cannot face this alone. Our nation urgently requires your financial support during this unprecedented crisis.

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